Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Welcome to Read For All (HK)! Creating this organization when I was thirteen, I recognized the power of words and wanted to use my resources to help those with limited access to reading materials. Little did I know that Read For All would branch out to different areas of education and become this impactful. 

    My passion for reading gave me the chance to meet other book lovers across the world; however, I soon realized that not all of them had the resources to access large quantities of books. This exposure and outlook made me want to do something to help; I wanted to spread the love of reading because it was books that taught me perseverance, to never give up when things get tough. What started off as donating books from my own collection and that of family friends has now become an organisation that collaborates with local Hong Kong charities and institutions to promote education as a whole. With COVID-19 affecting education across the globe, I provided free academic enrichment courses for students from underserved communities as another way to incite passion and unleash every student’s potential.

    Moreover, for me, the arts have been a large part of my education growing up. I have witnessed firsthand how it can bring confidence, creativity and much more to our lives. So promoting the arts, giving back through the arts, has always been an initiative I strived to accomplish. With our expanding platform, I am delighted that Read For All is collaborating with Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for the charity play, Roots. Writing and directing for their students has been extremely rewarding, and I look forward to presenting our cast’s talent to the Hong Kong community.

With a growing presence, Read For All will continue to work hard to give back to not only our local community, but one day, other parts of the world. 





Vision for the Future

Read for All (HK)’s roots stem from the love of reading and striving to provide children from underserved communities a chance to fall in love with and expand their imagination through words. Now, our mission has grown to encompass more of education, knowing that students can find inspiration and discover their talents through our various programs and collaborations.