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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Welcome to Read For All (HK). First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has supported this organisation from the very beginning. To all of our volunteers and partners, we have been able to empower and lift up the younger generation because of you. I am forever grateful. 

I started this organisation when I was thirteen years old simply because I love to read. I went through many obstacles in middle school, and literature was what got me through all of those hard times. Thus, I wanted to spread my joy for books, and that's how Read For All (HK) came to be. I didn't want people to lack access to such a life-changing resource. ​

Now, our organisation has grown to encompass all aspects of education, not just literature. During the COVID-19 pandemic, learning in school has been greatly disrupted. Our organisation immediately focused on helping students in need by providing free Zoom extra help sessions and self-learning educational kits. And even after the pandemic ends, we will continue supporting our communities through these initiatives.

Education should not be a privilege. Everyone deserves to have a chance to discover their passions and unleash their potential, and our organisation will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. 


Clara Ki Lu

Executive Director and Founder of Read For All (HK)

Read For All (HK) Founder's Welcome Video

Read For All (HK) Founder's Welcome Video

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Vision for the Future

Read for All (HK)’s roots stem from the love of reading and striving to provide children from underserved communities a chance to fall in love with and expand their imagination through words. Now, our mission has grown to encompass more of education, knowing that students can find inspiration and discover their talents through our various programs and collaborations.  

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